#BossYourBody Vegan Health & Fitness Glamping Retreat 12-15 July  2019 

We are very excited to host a 3 night health and glamping retreat with plant based meals in collaboration with personal trainer Maya Saffron (@mayasaffronhan) and nutrionist Jaspreet Kaur (@hipsterveggie & youtube.com/HipsterVeggie)  at Gooseberry Field from 12th July until 15th July 2019. 

Maya and Jaspreet will deliver a combination of fitness, insightful workshops, DELICIOUS food AND fun. This retreat is all about getting your body to move, eating healthily and plant based, positivity and female empowerment. Scroll down for a detailed program. To book, please do get in touch with one of these fantastic ladies below! Oh and sorry boys... this is a girls only retreat!

Maya Saffron
Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Qualified
Maya is a level 4, pre and post natal qualified female only personal trainer.
She ran a fitness retreat with us in season 2018 and the feedback was superb. Maya is ALL about female empowerment and heads up 'bossgyal brunch' in London which is supported by Jameela Jamil's IWeigh platform!
She uses body weight resistance exercises as part of high intensity circuits. You can find Maya on Youtube: PtByNature and insta @mayasaffronhan @trieditpodcast.
Jaspreet Kaur
Holistic Nutrition Coach
Jaspreet is a nutrition & wellness coach, specialising in healing skin issues (eczema, psoriasis & acne) and menstrual health.
She currently runs a YouTube channel (Hipster Veggie) with over 50,000 subscribers posting weekly content on nutritious recipes, period tips and skin care regimes.
YouTube: Youtube.com/HipsterVeggie

#BossYourBody Retreat Program

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