Feast over Fire Supper Clubs at Gooseberry Field with The Salt Box chefs


Since 2018 we are hosting up to 4  exclusive supper clubs a year in the stylish barn and we are collaborating with  some amazing talented chelfs such as The Salt Box and chef restaurateur & author Russell Norman to name a few. If you are in for a totally different dining experience with high quality local ingredients then this might be right up your street. Produce from our  fruit trees & bushes, large polytunnel and vegetable garden and even sometimes meat from our live stock is used so food truly doesn't travel that far! 


A Magical Evening of Venetian Cuisine with Russell Norman , by AJ Sharp - food writer, editor & PR

Sometimes supper club evenings really work well, there’s not always a rhyme or reason and this was one such success. Perhaps it was the sun slowly setting over Dering Woods, casting a blancmange hued glow that made us all feel like film stars, or maybe it was the frission of excitement that Venetian culinary legend Russell Norman was cooking for us ......

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